The Muslims Are Coming! @ Vertigo

The Complex Presents "The Muslims Are Coming!" A Standup Comedy Event

Doors open at 8 PM

This is a free event with reservation. Please RSVP to: [email protected]

This is a first come first serve FREE event.

Important Info: This Event WILL BE FILMED.

The Muslims are Coming! is a feature documentary film that follows a group of Muslim-American comedians as they go on a tour of Middle America, perform shows, and meet folks who have never met a Muslim before!

Description: In this documentary movie, a bunch of us Muslim standup comics go on a standup tour of the United States. By the time we're done, Americans will love Muslims! (God willing/inshallah!)

Synopsis: The Muslims Are Coming! is a road movie, structured around a comedy tour of Middle America. A traveling band of comedians will visit big cities, small towns, liberal enclaves, conservative hotbeds, rural unincorporated villages, and everything in between to explore the issue of Islamophobia. They’ll perform, meet the locals, and take the pulse of real Americans. What do we still have to work on and where have Muslims found acceptance? We’ll answer all these questions through the ever-poignant, and frankly more entertaining, lens of comedy.

In every town the comedians will utilize the stage as a sounding board, not only for punch lines, but for social commentary. Each stop will give us the opportunity to ask a particular question and examine an issue. Pre- and post-show interaction with locals will confirm or deny the comedian’s social observations while expert commentary from journalists, pop culture icons, and academic heavy weights will provide a depth that one-liners may not present. The goal is to interact with people from a wide range of perspectives on the issue of Islam and Islamaphobia. The Muslims Are Coming alone cannot break down all the stereotypes – but it’s a step in the right direction – a funny, likeable step that is urgently needed.

Starring: Negin Farsad, Dean Obeidallah, Maysoon Zayid, Omar Elba, Aasif Mandvi
Directed By: Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah
Written By: Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah
Screenplay By: Its a doc!
Produced By: Negin Farsad & Dean Obeidallah and others