Con Bro Chill @ The Grand

S&S Presents
We Should Hang Out World Tour 2014
Esta Noche

Doors: 7:00 PM

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It’s time to have fun and it’s time to do it together. That is, in essence, what Con Bro Chill of Portland, OR wants you to know. Nothing major, buddy, just love the crap out of life, jam out to our sweet tunes, and bring all your friends. Comprised of front man/keytar specialist Con, lead singer Sam, and dance-blast-duo Steve and Ty, Con Bro Chill is a party vortex ready to converge on your hometown. Neon soaked and full of jokes, CBC have decided they’ve started a revolution. “Big time,” says Con, “we’ve started one of those big time.” With their latest EP, We Came To Party, kickstarted and released for free, the message, the statement to every Boom Trooper the world over, is clear: the Neon Army is recruiting and it’s time to join up. How? Don’t over think it my friend.

Step 1: Strap on some neon/ridiculous
Step 2: Party, dance the night away, have fun
Step 3: Welcome to the Neon Army

The band has one goal: to create party synergy w/ every single member of planet globes.
We invite you to enjoy our carefully crafted tunage, good vibes, and sweet cod pieces.

Formed when brothers Con and Sam decided they had gotten pretty good at making joke videos for Con’s lacrosse alter ego, Con Bro Chill has become a musical-visual platform dedicated to loving life through music. Con Bro Chill has taken elements of the high energy pop of LMFAO, the attitude of party-god Andrew W.K., the flair and melodic grandiosity of Freddy Mercury, whilst sprinkling in the best dance music of all eras and cultures (but especially the 80′s lets face it) to create their own brand of neon dance pop. Now take those tunes and package them w/ their self produced, over the top Blink 182/OK GO styled music videos and an explosive, costumed infused, dance marathon of a live show and you have your new favorite band. Big words and fancy metaphors aside,

Con Bro Chill has come to celebrate life with you.

Lets Party #NeonArmy (Ya, we do #hashtags) -